Monday, May 3, 2010

what am i doing here?

hi! i'm karen......welcome to my blog. i hope at some time or another i might have something interesting to share, however you might not want to bet the rent on it! i don't have a plan with this blog; i just want to be "cool"! seriously, i do..... ever since my daughter (allison @ designing woman) and her friends started their blogs, i've been dying to get with the program. however for me, that actually meant having allison fix things up so i could have a blog.......pretty sad, huh?
thank goodness she loves her computer challenged mom enough to do this. YAY shuggie--you're the best!!!!

ok, i'm 55 years old, wife to larry and mother to marshall (28) and allison (26). to help combat my empty nest syndrome, i started working for the united states postal service about 5 years ago. that's a story in itself, so i'll save it for another time. i obtained a blackbelt in taekwondo when i was 47, but am no longer training. i had a heart attack at 49 and have 2 stents.......oh, i'm deaf too. what a gal, huh?

my kids are very compassionate people and i think a lot of that comes from being raised by a deaf mom. they learned at a very early age that i was different, but that's just how things were for them/us. i worried that they would be embarrassed by me, that their little friends wouldn't understand and would be cruel, but all my fears were unfounded. they both had, and still have, the greatest, most accepting friends. i have a cochlear implant, which affords me some sound, but i am not very successful at using the phone. even when the kids were small, it seemed this household was bombarded by telemarketers. once they were old enough to answer the phone, i had them do so; these callers would ask for me and they would tell them that i was deaf. we all know how persisent telemarketers can be--they would ask when they could call back or if they could call back that goes on and on as we all well know and the kids just got so frustrated at times. i finally told them to tell them the truth--"no you can't talk to her tonight because SHE WILL STILL BE DEAF!!!" DUH!!!!!!!!!

ohh, pizza's here.........



  1. HOW EXCITING!!!! You are a blogger!!! WAAAHOO! Welcome! :)

  2. Welcome to the blogging world!!! I love "going postal".. made me literally laugh out loud! :)

  3. Yeah! Now with both of us Moms advising, how can they go wrong! haha

  4. Love the blog! Welcome to the bloggy world :)

  5. Welcome to the blogging world!!!!! Looking forward to keeping up to speed with you and LARRY!!!