Thursday, May 20, 2010

sad truths of middle age

getting old is hell. there is apparently just no escape from bad and annoying things as you age. you sag and bag everywhere--your skin is dry and sandpaper-y, at least in the areas not covered by your mustache and beard......your smile lines are no longer cute, but have manifested into crows feet at the eyes and craters in your cheeks and forehead.....your pores are as deep as the grand canyon and your broken capillaries and age spots make your face look like a red bell pepper and mushroom pizza.

i can handle these problems because i think they are happening to most middle aged women. however, i noticed a problem today that made me fact, when i saw it i said to myself "what the f__k?" seriously, i'm praying some other woman has this problem. i was sitting at my 10X magnifying mirror and saw it--i have freakin' nose hairs!!!! not "inny" nose hairs, but "outy" nose hairs....and they are black. do you wanna puke or what?? well i guess i know now why people have been looking at me lately! i thought they liked my clothes or my hair or just thought i was dang cute in general, but noooooo...... (sniff sniff)

taking this hairy nose to bed now............karen


  1. hahaha! so sorry :( I don't look forward to getting older....

  2. try the tweezers......but OOHHH so painful! :)

  3. haha! they make nose hair trimmers. scott has to use one and it works pretty good.

  4. Mom. That's gross. But hilarious nontheless. You made me laugh out loud tho. Success.