Tuesday, September 21, 2010


yes, i've been MIA...... know that hasn't bothered many peeps, but I have missed blabbing. but those of you that know me personally are aware that the fam has had a bit of shake-up going on and we've all just kind of been closed lipped. anyway, i am slowlyyyyyyyy getting back to checking emails and reading blogs and i've just got to say i am green.......with ENVY of all these young women and their talents! OMGosh.....the creativity is nearly beyond my comprehension.
but more than that is HOW they can find the energy to come up with these marvels when they have families and jobs outside the home. WOW!!! and too, i'm looking at laundry room makeovers and kitchen re-dos and thinking how can someone your age have a home that large and organized or how do you have the funds to remodel your kitchen already?? *sigh*

i was born in the 1954 while my dad was in medical school. my mother worked for IBM and made $1.00 an hour-and that was because she had a college degree. minimum wage was 40 cents an hour. my dad "made" seven cents an hour while he was in school. a loaf of bread was $.17......a gallon of gas was 22 cents! a gallon of MILK was 92 cents. the average YEARLY income was $3,960.00, a new car cost $1,700.00 and a new house averaged $10,250.00. i heard stories my whole life about my parent's first apartment--there was no dining area and we ate off a card table. once that card table was set up, you could not open the oven or the refrigerator and my high chair was out in the hallway!!! hard to imagine, isn't it? my brother is 2 years younger than i am and we shared a room until the family moved to t-town; i was 8 yrs old.

i'm sure prices then and now are comparable in some way, but i am still amazed at how much young people have so soon.......and how so many of them cannot fathom it being any other way. i am amazed at how and where they get their strength and stamina. but mostly, i am amazed at how there is time for them to do all this creative stuff when they have children at home and school, a house to be cleaned, meals to be cooked, clothes to be washed, etc etc etc. AND while they're making all these groovy things, they are taking pics and blogging about it...........i wonder if their days have more hours in them than mine do??!!??

i think i kind of went off on a tangent.........that happens to old people, especially late at night! :)~
i don't feel i have any talents at all and so, i had a green day today......but it won't last long as i am content with my status quo.

i'll be back soon............and i know you're hoping i've got better material then!

hugs, karen