Thursday, May 6, 2010


that's the big day! shuggie's getting married!! the MOB is freakin' out--there's so much to think about, decide on.....PAY FOR!! (gulp) we have made some headway though--we have the church and reception venue booked and we have a photographer. we've both started guest that good with 7 months left?? allison has also done some looking towards her registries; what fun it was to see all the pretties out there! don't know how anyone ever makes up their minds!

the music for the reception seems to be our biggest obstacle right now.......but hopefully this will be decided soon so it can be checked off our list of to-do's.

pretty positive shug knows where she's leaning on her gown and we will be seeing to that in a month or so as we were told to do that early to insure getting what we want--makes sense.

allison is thinking outside the box on her "theme" and color wishes--you know how those artist types are! LOL no, seriously, i am really excited about what she's wanting and am looking forward to seeing it all come together. we want to share, but really want some element of surprise, so i doubt there will be much talk anytime soon about particulars for the ceremony.

if anyone in t-town, or the surrounding area, wants to offer up some helpful hints, i'd love to hear them. i am also open to suggestions for florists, bakeries, rehearsal dinner venues, wedding hairdressers, ceremony music..........the list is long, i know.

today at work, a gal had some of those smarties candies, you know the little roll of sweet and sour flavored discs? anyway, seeing that candy reminded me of when allison was first learning to talk and for some reason, she had a really hard time pronouncing "S's", so she called smarties farties! oh, it was SO funny. she would dampen her forefinger and stick it on a candy, hold the finger up and say farties before every one she ate. her dad and i would laugh and laugh and of course the more we laughed, the more she said it. what a longggggggggg time ago that was.

thanks for the comments on my first ever blog post........i appreciate them all. hopefully i can come up with some "good material" to keep you coming back. HA

love and smarties--karen


  1. farties is TOO funny!!! haha i love it
    wedding planning is so fun! relax and enjoy it. My mom had a hard time relaxing with all the crazy planning, but we still enjoyed it!

  2. I think there needs to be an apothecary jar full of smarty-farties at the reception! We loved Silver Spoon cakes!

  3. I had forgotten about the farties 'til I read this... and I lol'd... at myself! gah, I was so dang cute! :)