Friday, May 7, 2010

scaredy DOG

this family loves cocker spaniels! we've had 5-4 females and 1 male-in the 19 years larry and i have been married. three have passed away, so (obviously) we just have 2 right now. there's cheyenne who is buff and swayze--yes she's named after my all time biggest crush EVER patrick swayze--who is chocolate. chey is 5 and swayze is 1.

apparently i have never vacuumed with swayze in the house. oh my gosh, you should've seen that baby this morning! after finishing in the dining room, i moved on into our den...the vac was still going and i look up to find swayze sitting up on the back of the couch. i don't know how she didn't fall off! but she was like pushing back and crouching down almost, as if to make herself smaller. very strange sight indeed........she was so scared and i felt so bad for her. i immediately turned off the vac and hugged her.....had to love on that sweet thing!

my junior high--that's middle school for you youngsters!--speech teacher told my class that the word vacuum was pronounced vac-U-um rather than "vack-yume", like i think most people say. anyway, if we said it wrong, we got points taken away from our grade. UGH! i hated speech. just don't like getting up in front of people and talking, you know. most kids take speech their freshman year in college; i put it off til i was a senior. major fears!

anyway, that's if for living room still needs to be vacUumed!


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