Sunday, May 16, 2010

HB to Z

i can't believe it, but yesterday was my car's b-day! that's right, i've had my 350 Z for 2 years and have 9143 miles on it. i LOVE this car!!!!! it is sooooooooo much fun to drive! don't tell any cops you know, but i've taken it to 130 mph on the interstate. (shhhh) i think i missed my calling as a race car driver, can i handle that speed! LOL

prior to getting this snazzy ride, i was driving a mercury marquis.....a very OLD marquis, i might add. don't get me wrong, that was a nice car, nice riding car, roomy and all, but i swear, i was the ONLY person in t-town under the age of 100 driving one! next time you're out and about, look around and you will see that i'm right--it's an old person car, no doubt about it.

i had the marquis for 12 years and in that time, the hub had 3 vehicles and marshall and allison each had 2. why was i slighted, you ask? because i'm a mom--duh! we are always on the bottom of the list. i think it just comes with the territory??? seriously, i didn't mind driving an old car until i got out of the driveway and then saw all those OLD people in the same kind of car. *sigh* the hub and i talked several times over those years about a new(er) car for me, but then something major would happen like we needed to eat and then it was obvious there wasn't going to be a new car for me then.

think about it.....your child gets his/her driver's license and you do everything in your power to see that they have their own vehicle. some say it's a win/win if you can do that because the parent no longer has to chauffeur their kid around, especially in the mornings, and the child gets his/her first taste of responsibility. hub did the morning taxiing around here, so it didn't make a difference to me.....however, i did miss my afternoon pick-up duties--for about a day! ha no, it was a week, i'm sure. honest, it was. as for that responsibility we tried to give the kids: marshall got a ticket for failing to stop at a stop sign 3 days after getting his truck and allison knocked off her outside rear view mirror just a few weeks after getting her explorer! do you think mom moved up or down on the list after this?? fastforward to when your child graduates college........he (AND she in my case) are not coming back home to want them to have newer and safer transportation when they go out into the cold, cruel world, so you find a way to make that happen too. now, after kids in college for over 6 years combined, mom is so far down on the list that she is OFF it! oh, the hub's vehicles were business related, so he says they don't count. who the hell taught that man math???

anyway, this momma finally got to the top of the list.....and let me tell you, it was a longggg, hard climb! i got a job i basically hate for money and benefits i love....yep, i'm braving the harsh elements and scaling my mt everest in my totally fabulous "Z"!!!!!!

happy birthday dear Z~~karen


  1. haha loving your blog! you are making me smile and laugh! and happy bday to your car! :)

  2. happy birthday to your car!! i think it's super cute!