Thursday, May 13, 2010

full heart

oh my gosh......did you see shuggie's mother's day tribute to MOI??? now you know why i am SO proud to have such wonderful kids!

i am so appreciative of allison's love and support.....i know it hasn't always been easy putting up with me. now i've got a big head to go with my big hair!! but it is cool beyond words when your child realizes "you got it going on". well, i know that's not what allison said, but it's what she implied, yes?? of course it is, right??? hello?????

i'm not a big fan of pics of myself, but her pictorial tribute was very nice; it was fun to remember those times together. did anyone notice that my hair has hardly changed in all those years? sure it was curly some time, straight another, lighter in summer, darker in winter, but the style is still the same. my stylist says it's a sign of confidence when you find what works for you and stick with it.....all i know is that what he said sounds better than the truth, which is i'm a big old chicken! definitely not the "variety is the spice of life" type here.

i've never doubted that allison loves me but i am sooooooo happy that she likes me too. she was always wanting to spend time with me growing up and i treasure that. as for the embarrassing moments--well, that's just part of life. seriously, it's in the parental manual. you know, the one that miraculously appears on your doorstep right after you bring your baby home?? yep, chapter 12 i think it says all parents MUST find some kind of dorky something to do EVERY time their child is around peers!!! :)~

love, pride, appreciation, heart is full. thanks shug!

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