Thursday, August 18, 2011

the marshall twins

i just wanted to make a quick post sending super good wishes to megan and brent regarding the arrival of their precious twins tomorrow--friday, august 19th. knox and sloane are going to be the luckiest babies ever! all kinds of prayers are coming your way.

larry and i love you both......and we can't wait to meet the babes!

hugs, karen

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

why is it that.........?

have you ever felt like the world is against you? i don't mean in a serious way, just a bummer kind of way. well i've been having these episodes, if you will, of late that have gotten me to thinking of all the uncanny situations you can sometimes find yourself in. for example:

why is it that the minute you find a comfy bra, the style is discontinued?

why is it that you can go 3 months without snagging your hose, but then when you're headed to
an important event, you get a run and don't have another pair at home?

why is it that you rarely get sick except on the weekends and then have to go to the ER?

why is it that you never break a nail except when you've got something special to do?

why is it that you seem to only have a dental problem on fridays when all offices are closed?

why is it that the haircut you get before a photo session is the worst one you've ever gotten?

why is it that when you don't fill up your car to see if gas is lower the next day you find yourself
on fumes and gas is 6 cents higher than the previous day?

why is it that you can go months without having a single social invitation and then out of the
blue, you have 2 or 3 for the same night?

why is it that you can have a clean house for weeks and no one stops by yet the minute you slack off, the doorbell doesn't stop ringing?

why is it that the ONE time you run an errand sans makeup, you end up seeing 20 people you

why is it that when you're running late for work that you encounter tons of traffic?

why is it that as soon as you wear your new outfit or new shoes you find out the very next day
that they've gone on sale for half off?

why is it that you never have a headache unless you are out of pain reliever?

i'm sure the list for situations such as this is endless.........just had a few of the afore mentioned scenarios "befall" me over the past week or so and felt like talking.

hugs, karen