Thursday, May 27, 2010

lucky lady

five years or so ago, a good friend of my parents' passed away and i went to the house to pay my respects to the man's wife and children. several weeks later i received a lovely note from the widow, thanking me for coming by and for the pie i'd taken. i'd known this family since i was a kid and really did care about them. the thing that caught me so off-guard about this woman's note was her saying that she and her husband were so grateful for their young friends. some of you may chuckle a bit at that, but when you're 70 or more years old, 40-something IS young! haha anyway, i always considered this couple my parents' friends and honestly never ever thought about them being MY friends too, much less them considering me one of their friends.

i hadn't thought about those people or that note in forever, until recently--obviously! i suppose trying to get the guest list for the wedding worked out prompted that memory. anyway, i'm realizing i feel very much like that woman did in being grateful for MY young friends. over the years, larry and i have gotten Christmas cards, notes, birth announcements, etc from our kids' friends because they consider us THEIR friends. we've met young adults through friends that have invited us to their birthday parties, anniversary celebrations or house warmings. as an "old lady", it is so heart warming to know that young people enjoy your company. i feel almost like sally field, ca. early 1980's at the academy awards, when she won an oscar and got up on stage and said to the crowd "you like me, you really like me".

every generation has something to offer, so count your blessings if you're lucky enough to have friends of all ages. your life will truly be enriched....this i know firsthand.


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  1. You are so right! Gary and I have friends of all ages and with so many varied backgrounds. Comes from living in the same place for so long I guess and being involved in so many things. It doesn't happen over night. But what makes me smile the most is when Whitney's friends remember us too! Enjoyed the post.