Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a little wedding update

i had my sweet shuggie with me last night and a good portion of today and it was SO nice. as many of you t-towners know, she is part of the "FAB 5" and all of them were in dallas monday morning for the miracle of cohen's birth. she was able to switch with someone at work to get today off and so she headed here from dallas monday afternoon.

we were able to get a little time at traditions bridal salon and try on some gowns as well as look at bridesmaids selections. oh what fun that was!! we have what we think is such an awesome plan/theme for the wedding and are looking for THE perfect everything for everybody. time consuming--oh yeah.........frustrating--for sure......exciting--definitely!! :)

today we had some florist appointments and that was both enlightening and shocking! LOL i was surprised at the reasonable prices of some items and the shockingly high prices of others....
and honestly it was all reversed from what i had in my mind that it would be. guess that shows you how much i know! :)~ i love beautiful flowers but know nothing about them........i can count on one hand the flowers i can recognize--seriously. that doesn't bode well when you're trying to make your daughter think you actually know something AND trying to prove to the florist that you really aren't an idiot! nothing was finalized today, but i think shug and i know which way we want go, PROVIDING there can be a little better "meeting of the minds" in regard to the buckaroonies with our front runner.

i have some vacation time at the end of the month and allison & i will be getting together. we want to check out low's bridal shop in brinkley, arkansas.....it amazes me that a little town like that has a bridal store that attracts people from all over the place! i went to low's in 1977 when i was planning my wedding and it was big and awesome and well known way back then. crazy! a trip to dallas is also possible. we definitely hope to get the wedding gown ordered and it would be icing on the cake to have the decision made on the attendant's attire as well. we know what we'd like for the bridesmaids but finding the look we want for a price we are comfortable with is proving rather difficult.

now would be a great time for a couple of things to happen--one would be money started growing on trees and another would be for me to win the lottery!!

hugs, karen

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  1. I don't envy you one bit. I still remember those same feelings! Parents need to know that they need to save for college and weddings especially if you have a daughter. I know it is going to be absolutely wonderful!